Victoria Police visits SuniTAFE Apprentices

01 May 2023

A representative from Victoria Police visited some of SuniTAFE’s apprentices earlier this month to talk to them about key issues impacting their demographic. 

Senior Constable Aaryn Venter spoke with apprentices from the Automotive, Engineering, Electrical, Building, and Plumbing departments. 

The topics that were covered included drug and alcohol abuse, anti-hoon laws, sexting, as well as other general concerns that impact apprentices in our community. 

Students were also given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their concerns in a safe and open environment. 

The sessions aimed to encourage students to avoid making decisions which might impact their future success, and to know that they have support here on campus to guide them. 

Aaryn is hoping to return to SuniTAFE to visit different groups within the campus. 

Thank you to Apprenticeship Support Officer Tony Lyons from Apprenticeships Victoria for organising this visit. 

For more information on the support available to apprentices at SuniTAFE, click here.