What are Farmbots used for?

This robotic farming machine can perform almost all processes prior to harvesting, such as sowing, mechanical weed control, and watering.  All it requires is power, an internet connection, and a water supply.

Farmbots have a robotic frame that sits on top of a garden bed. The robotic frame changes tools to perform different applications. This is run from an app platform to allow scheduled growth of different crops. 

How does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Farmbot?   

The Farmbot is an educational resource for students and teachers in our Horticulture and Agriculture course.  Units such as Implement Plant Establishment and Plant Horticulture Crops gain hands-on learning with Farmbots.

Our courses in Horticulture and Agriculture now use Farmbots as we transition to SMART farming. 
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