Insect Trap 


What are Insect Traps used for?

Insect Traps have integrated electronics (camera system, modem, power source with solar panel) and sticky plates that can be hung wherever needed in the field. They are low in weight, self-sufficient, and powered by a solar panel and battery. Their 10 MP camera takes high-resolution pictures of the sticky plate within the trap.

The system overall combines an optical high-resolution camera with computer vision software, which can recognize insects from photos. The camera system is embedded inside the insect trap, to remotely monitor insect pressure on the farm.

Images are sent to the ‘cloud’ where they are analysed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. The results are then visible on the web or mobile devices, including summarised data of the daily count, targets in total, and development of insect population during the season. Control is real-time and the collected data can be used for further analysis.

How does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Insect Trap?   

We currently use insect traps in our citrus grove. During our educational training and farm operations, students and teachers use this technology to catch insects with insect-specific pheromone lures (codling moth, European grape berry moth, tomato leafminer and many other species).

Our courses in Horticulture and Agriculture now use Insect Traps as we transition to SMART farming.
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