Drill and Drop Moisture Probe


What are Drill and Drop Moisture Probes used for?

Drill and Drop Moisture Probes are configured either with soil moisture or temperature sensors to measure volumetric water content and temperature at 10cm intervals. Soil profile data is accessed through a web-based platform where data sent from the moisture monitoring equipment can be analysed. 

They take around 5 minutes to install and can be completely buried to reduce the risk of machinery damage. They are used for vegetable crops, fruit and nut trees, vines, berries, research projects and landscape management. 

How does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Drill and Drop Moisture Probe?    

The SMART Farm’s Drill and Drop probes accurately measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity, so students have access to the technology and how it can be applied on a working farm. The information provided by the probes assists with irrigation scheduling for our wine grapes.

Our courses in Horticulture and Agriculture now use Drill and Drop Moisture Probes as we transition to SMART farming. 
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