Irrigation System and Controller


What are Irrigation System Controllers used for?

The Irrigation System and Controller is state-of-the-art technology used only by professional growers in nursery and hydroponics.
They capture weather, soil, sunlight and humidity data. Their full fertigation ability enables the addition of nutrients to correct deficiencies detected in plant tissue analysis, including Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Potential of Hydrogen (pH) adjustments. They also have capacity for irrigation automation across all aspects of irrigation system operations.

How does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Irrigation System Controller?   

We apply our Irrigation System Controller to our educational resources, so students can gain hands-on experience through using the technology in our Horticulture and Agriculture courses. This is specifically applicable in the Nursery units, where students and teachers can analyse and manage all aspects of growing plants. 

Our courses in Horticulture and Agriculture now use Irrigation System Controllers as we transition to SMART farming. 
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