Homepage Slider

Tips & Guidance

  • The homepage banner works best when a headline is added IN the CMS.
  • This means the design should take into consideration that the text will be formatted in Geogrotesque and will appear aligned left and in the middle of the slide.
  • Text should not be part of the background image. 
  • The background works best when it is an image or pattern.
  • The title is white, this should be taken into account when creating the background image.
  • Please note, it is possible to change the height of the banner, but when there are several elements such as the logo, search bar and feature tiles, the spacing can get messed up.
  • The feature tile overlay can be switched off, however it is always selected on the homepage and should be taken into account.


  • Desktop: 1920 wide x 865 high
  • Mobile: 400 wide x 800 high


  • The logo can be whatever size it needs to be - start with around 100px for the smaller edge and size proportionally. The logo in the examples below is 100px H x 300px W
  • it may take some trial and error to get it to display the way you like
  • it sits quite close to the title, so if you want some extra space, add some white space within the logo. The below examples include 70px of clear space below the logo.
  • Logo should be provided as a png with a transparent background.
  • Logo is optional

Forefront Image

  • This option was created for when the banner contains design elements
  • the forefront image works similarly to the logo, it sits on a layer of its own above the headline
  • The forefront image can be aligned left, centre or right
  • The example below is 500px W x 325 px H with 95px of clear clear space on the top
  • This was created for designed type, so would usually not include a CMS headline, but can include the search input. 


There are 4 x different settings which can be used for this module:
  • Title with search input
  • Title with description
  • Title Only
  • No heading overlay
Each option has been demonstrated below.

You can also download pdf guides here: