• ELICOS Intermediate

ELICOS Intermediate (075451G)

Entry requirements for ELICOS Intermediate:
  • IELTS 4.0 or equivalent, 10-22 PTE Academic or studying at B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Prior English language learning at Pre-Intermediate level
Once onshore, a placement test will be conducted at the beginning of the course to confirm the student’s level or make any necessary adjustment to the course enrolment.

Expected inddicative exit level for ELICOS Intermediate:
  • IELTS 5.0
Course duration: from 20 weeks
Progression to the next level depends on demonstrated proficiency at the current level.
Course cost: $2500 per 10 weeks

This course leads to
  1. ELICOS Upper Intermediate

General contexts may include:

Extended (3-5 Paragraphs) simple texts in less familiar contexts such as:
  • Instructions for getting to a social event or preparing the evening meal, shopping.
  • Classroom related instructions
  • Social activities
  • Recorded messages for mobile phones
  • A talk or presentation to the class
  • Conversations
  • Announcements (loudspeaker)
  • Weather reports
  • News item on radio, TV, Internet
  • Short descriptions
  • Documentaries and films
  • Simple formatted texts such as charts, signs, outlines in point form, diagrams.
  • Informational written text » news articles » brochure » poster, flyer » dictionaries » directories » online texts.
  • A creative written text such as a poem, song, story, novel, autobiographies and biographies, reflective journals, diaries.
  • Summaries, letters, opinion pieces, simple reports
  • Procedural texts, instructions
  • Diagrammatic texts 

Course Units

Participants will normally have had prior English training and may intend to continue their English studies at an Upper-Intermediate level before seeking to qualify for entry into a TAFE course, with a possible pathway to a University course to further their studies. ELICOS Intermediate will assist students to prepare for an IELTS test.

  • Reading: Scan text and identify main topic, List key ideas or events in sequence, Interpret meaning of vocabulary from context.

  • Writing: Write a text to convey information, describe, and express feelings, Use language, conventions and content appropriate and relevant to the purpose, Use the processes of planning, drafting and proofreading to structure and sequence information and ideas in cohesive paragraphs.

  • Listening: Identify purpose, main ideas and topic, Identify tone and some inferred meaning, Identify some details.

  • Speaking: Use linking words to sequence or explain information, instructions or directions, Take turns and encourage others in a conversation, Express an opinion on a topic, Ask for and give information and explanations.

Assessment Evidence Requirements:

A portfolio of tasks. Each piece of evidence should be from a different genre or context.