New Protected Cropping Training in Mildura

SuniTAFE is offering a brand-new Certificate II in Protected Horticulture (AHC21819).

We developed this course in response to the booming industry growth in Protected Horticulture paired with a shortage of skilled workers.

Tailored Training for Your Business

Our first intake will commence soon in August and it prioritises local businesses with existing employees. Plus, the first intake is free of charge.
Future intakes will be October and February 2025.


What is Protected Cropping?

Protected cropping is defined as the production of horticultural crops within, under, or sheltered by artificial structures to provide or enable modified growing conditions, and protection from pests and adverse weather.
Some of the structures that are included are: floating crop covers, row covers, hail netting, screen and shade houses, poly-tunnels, retractable roof structures, passive ventilated greenhouses, glasshouses, and plant factory rooms. (Protected Cropping Australia.)

Why Protected Horticulture?

The course focuses on practical skills surrounding propagation and maintaining plant health and quality systems. Beyond that, it delves into topics like:

  • Getting plants to grow just right: Learn how controlled growing environments can manage factors like light and temperature for better crops.
  • Irrigation and Hydroponics: Understanding irrigation systems and maximising nutrient delivery.
  • Using technology: Learn how sensors and computer data help make decisions and production more efficient.


What’s in it for you?

By participating, your employees will gain the knowledge and skills to achieve:

  • Increased Crop Quality: Consistent production of premium produce.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Efficient resource management for water and waste reduction.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Increased operational efficiency through skilled employees.
  • career path: So they can be retained as employees who learn and grow on
  • the job.

Investment in Your Future

We’ve invested in state-of-the- art equipment and facilities at SuniTAFE’s SMART Farm campus to deliver this program. We’re confident it will be a game- changer for your business and your workforce.

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This resource was developed with funding provided through the Victorian Government’s Agriculture TAFE and Training Fund.